Georges Mirza

Georges is a change agent and a pioneer in the retail/CPG industry, creating innovative solutions that lead the market. He was instrumental in developing category management portfolios focused on space management, assortment, and insights distribution. Georges also led the way in establishing a roadmap for robotic indoor data collection, image recognition, and analytics to address out-of-stock, inventory levels, and compliance issues in the retail sector. Today, Georges advises companies on growth strategies and roadmap prioritization. You can connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter

“Georges has been a “go-to” retail industry expert for me for many years. His knowledge of the latest trends and developments in retail tools and technologies is unmatched, in my opinion. I have tapped into his unique and insightful perspectives on many occasions over the years to support my ongoing effort to guide the evolution of Category Management business practices. His advice has always been accurate and practical.”

Dr Brian Harris,
Global Thought Leader in Retail Management,
Creator of Category Management Concept

“Georges presented an excellent training session at our annual conference: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Category Managers (in collaboration with the FranklinCovey Institute). This was one of Georges many above-and-beyond efforts to share his expertise and reflects his ability to lead and develop product team members. Thank you, Georges, for making this freely available to our international community.”

Donna Frazier,
Retired Founder of the Category Management Association

“I know George for over ten years and I value his knowledge and integrity. We have been colleagues, partners and competitors. George brings great value to the organizations he is working for and his ideas are ahead of the market.”

Jan Hanussek,
Managing Partner

“Georges has the ability to understand and set the vision at a very senior level, but has the wherewithal to communicate on the tactical and executional levels as well.”

Tiernan Summins,
Chief Customer Officer

“George is a visionary, capable of conceptualizing ideas that set him apart. Somehow he manages to resonate client requirements on a whole different level; ideas that are well in advance of any competitor. George is extremely enthusiastic about any endeavor he pursues; this rubs off on the team he manages as well as his peers. He is a great team player, always looking out for others. He is a dedicated manager able to enthuse and excite his team into wanting to perform to the best of their ability. He helped drive the roadmap and long-term vision for the entire suite. It is a pleasure to work alongside George.”

Rohit Patel,
R&D Director

“George is a leader with a great vision. His foresight and experience in Category Management with deep technical background helped us bring new solutions to the market in a short time. His management style promoted consensus and ownership among team members. George has the ability to look at the big picture (Big rocks as he puts it) and explain a complex problem in simple terms to bring everyone on board. I learned a great deal working for George close to 10 years. Thank you for your support and mentorship.”


Chetan Prakash,
Distinguished Software Engineer

“In his work he demonstrates strong leadership and clear Vision that helps him to transform complex ideas into actual products. I am always impressed with his ability to navigate rough water with a calm, and laser sharp focus. it is insightful to learn from him and his projections on upcoming trends and Technologies.”



Ebby Sabbagh,

“Georges’ strength lies in his realization that for a product to succeed it needs to get to market quickly, at minimum expense, and that it needs to meet the market’s needs from the outset. He knows how to structure, build and motivate teams to maximize their potential to innovate and deliver. Georges has developed a skill set that in my estimation makes him one of the best product leaders I have encountered.”


Jim Zaorski, Founder,